Review Policy

Most items displayed and/or referenced on Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow are purchased by me with the intent of personal use and potential posting.  This ensures that I have complete freedom over my styling and photography.

Do I accept content to blog?  Yes.  Please, prior to contacting me or providing me with review copies of your items know the following:

  • My time in world is currently limited. Should that change, this bullet point will too.
  • I am interested in bloggingApparel, Home Goods, Locations, and may cover anything else within world that is pretty and shiny to me.  Please keep in mind that while I will try to do my best to blog in a timely manner, this is not always the case.  In addition, I blog at my own discretion and will only present items that appeal to my personal style and taste.
  • I am a stylist and occasional review blogger.  Should you choose to submit something for coverage via Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow I will do my best to represent your item as well as possible, but that may include mixing and matching or otherwise altering the item to fit the aesthetic I am seeking for a post/photograph.  On review copies, I will always try to show the item as created in addition to whatever stylized version I represent. While I may or may not say anything about items shown, credits will be listed at the end of each post.  In addition, promotional copies will be fully disclosed by a pc  (for promotional copy) mark following any item falling within this category.  In addition, alterations made to items shown shall be disclosed.

The best way to submit an item for coverage at Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow is by dropping a folder on me that contains the following:

  1. For timely coverage, I recommend your folder have a title similar to “yy-mm-dd <Store Name> – For Review”.  By dating your folder with the first acceptable posting date and/or submission date you are helping me insure that should your item be posted, that post is in a timely manner pursuant to your marketing needs.  Should you submit a dated folder, I will consider any day after that date an acceptable posting date.
  2. Your item(s) being submitted for consideration.
  3. A notecard, if applicable, containing any data relevant to your items.  Projected release dates, preferred coverage dates, special notes and preferences.
  4. Your preferred Landmark for referrals.
  5. Photos, Logos or other images you feel pertinent.

Should you submit an item and find that it does not receive coverage at Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow this is not strictly an indication of any opinion on your item(s).  It may simply be a matter of time constraint and/or relevance of you submission to what is currently in progress.

All of my SLURL links are pulled fresh for each and every posting.  I use the creator’s profile to appropriate this information.  Therefore, for any incorrect or non-functional SLURLs, please check with the creator or their designated brand contact.

A Few of My Favorite Things is the section of my blogroll dedicated to designers I work with on a regular basis and/or have established relationships with.  It is my way of saying thank you to those who believe in me and the work that I am attempting in this medium.  This section is NOT for paid advertisement and will remain based on friendship and mutual respect for the life of this blog.

Paid Advertisement is not offered at Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow at this time.  It may or may not ever be depending on the regularity of my posts and/or the perseverance of the first person to attempt to harass me into it.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Vi 🙂

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