Viola Rookswood is an independent model, blogger and budding photographer. She is the Community Director at The Grove Country Club Estates where she resides. A resident in the SL community since November of 2009, Viola has returned her primary focus to the real world while still dabbling with her interest in the world of pixellated fashion excellence.

Haute Today, Glam Tomorrow is a blog about Fashion…and whatever else pops up in a day.  Current features include the Low Arc Lowdown, Style by Step, Fashion Statements and I Gave You Props Too! You may also find additional posts from Viola at Godivas of SL.


Thank you for your interest.  RookswoodPhoto is not accepting commissioned work at this time.  Mainly because I’m still a total noob photographer with a limited amount of time to spend in world.  The photos posted at


currently represent the work of myself and whatever friends I can talk into standing on a pose stand for a horribly long period of time while I fuss, fidget and otherwise obsess over lighting, shading, angles, props and anything else my retentive nature can dream up.  Feel free to watch the progression.  With any luck, I’ll get better over time 😉

Should you wish to contact Viola regarding this blog, photo work or any other matter, please do so via email.

Thanks for stopping by!

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