058. Loovus Dezvavor Fall/Winter 2015

Otherwise known as, an Ode to Boo.

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the grid and I was a young model learning the ropes, I entered a magazine driven pageant.  While competing, I noticed another contestant on the stage.  And, having integrity and a bit of honesty within myself, I messaged that contestant and simply said, “If I lose to you today, I would be totally fine with that.”

There is a trick to knowing when someone is at your level or possibly even exceeding your work.  This contestant was Vikeejeah Xevion and in that moment my respect for her work as a model, her styling even, was at a level that absolutely deserved acknowledgement.

A short while after that, I walked into my first modeling class at Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy.  Low and behold, there stood Vikee.

An even shorter while later we were on side by side pose stands working together to make it through the maze of those modeling classes.  And an invaluable friendship was born.

In all the years that have followed, our friendship has endured.  We have stuck together through thick and thin. We’ve faced people accusing us of being too into each other.  People not understanding true friendship and how we could possibly be so close.  We’ve even had people congratulate us on our lesbian partnership (we’re both hetero, thanks though).

And people have come and gone around us.  With their fragile connections, their willingness to stab each other in the back or climb up each other to achieve pixel goals.  Still, our friendship endures. In both worlds.

At its core, it endures because we are both confident about who we are as women.  While we have entered the same contests on occasion, we have never competed at the cost of our friendship.  If one of us was eliminated, we took a few minutes to feel sorry for ourselves, then immediately regrouped and helped the other as much as possible. We build each other up and celebrate each other’s success because we know what friendship truly means.

For a few years, I have been stuck mostly in the real world.  Moving forward, settling down. Managing my little family with my fur kids and Mr. Viola.  In that time, I haven’t always been able to show up and support Vikee.  Especially as she was rebranding and moving forward with her Loovus Dzevavor line.

For those missed moments, I am truly sorry.  While I was still supportive and we have always stayed in touch and celebrated with each other about life’s achievements, I want to also acknowledge her hard work and achievements within SL.

To that end, and as a celebration of my return to blogging, I present the Loovus Dzevavor Fall/Winter Collection in its entirety. Congrats Boo.  On both worlds.  I am beyond proud of all you have achieved.  Love you. Always.

20151119 DiOperaEditorial2_Final

Viola wears the Ganbara Gown in Biscay

Pose: Di’s Opera – Editorial 2

Hair: Boon – SMK876 in Chestnut

20151119 SariSariballet03_Final

Bianca wears the Mekar Gown in Cadmium

Pose: Sari-Sari – Ballet 03

Hair:  Boon – PUN448 in Brown

20151119 DisOperaRavissante3_Final

Delilah wears the Eduki Gown in Oak

Pose:  Di’s Opera – Ravissante 3

Hair:  Boon – TYD883 in Blonde

Boon – SGK120 in Blonde (layered over TYD883)


20151119 doubletakeshroudofmystery_Final

Viola wears the Lakop Gown in Cadmium

Pose:  double take:shroud of mystery

Hair:  Boon – KGI848 in Chestnut

20151119 DMNaturalStand_Final

Halona wears the Izpiak Gown in Oak

Pose:  Del May – Natural Stand

Hair: Boon – TUM278 in Black

20151119 DisOpera331_Final

Bianca wears the Hosto Gown in Cashmere

Pose: Di’s Opera – 33.1

Hair:  Boon – XLM410 in Brown

20151119 DLuxxPosesTheWeddingCollectionMiddleton01_Final

Delilah wears the Erraza Gown in Reflect

Pose:  D.Luxx Poses – The Wedding Collection – Middleton 01

Hair:  Boon – URU697 in Blonde

20151119 Unknown_Final

Halona wears the Pango Gown in Oak

Pose:  Unknown

Hair:  Boon – ANO464 in Black

20151119 LePoppycockImmaterial_Final

Delilah wears the Kembang Gown in Marsala

Pose:  Le Poppycock – Immaterial

Hair:  Boon – RHN435 in Blonde

20151119 oOo boo! ty_three_Final

Viola wears the Uyoga Gown in Sage

Pose:  oOo Studio – Boo! ty_three

Hair: Tukinowaguma Shino Blondes HUD 1 Strawberry Blond


To purchase any of the gowns shown, please visit the Loovus Dzevavor Showroom.

Artistic Direction for this shoot was inspired by the Roberto Cavalli ad campaign featured in the September Issue of Vogue.  Doorways are from Exposeur and were part of the Gacha Garden Event.

These photos were shot on location at Casablanca Bay Beach located in The Grove Country Club Estates.


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