HTT: Indyra Originals

Its rare for anyone I know to wear head to toe anything.  We are all fiends for the mix and match uniqueness.  However, occasionally I fan girl out and do a nod to someone on purpose.  Typically, its after a really horrid blow-out type shopping trip.  In this case it was a combo of blow-out shopping trip AND a love of the newer items that have been released by a truly solid designer.  If you haven’t visited Indyra lately, its time to drop back by.  Its worth a trip for this clutch alone.

Indyra Original Couture – Marquise II in Tuxedo

Coquette Noir Shoes – Moxie Heels in Albino Python

Indy & Co. – PortaNoca Set in Classic Pearl

Indy & Co. – Miniaudiere in Gold

All clothing and accessory items are available at the gorgeous Indyra Main Store.

This look was styled with W&Y Hair New 75 and L.Fauna Smokey Cat in Shadow Purple.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the bonus Low Arc Lowdown on this look.

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