Style by Step: 80s Color, 20s Flair

Yes, I’m back to Ty Zvezda.  Something about this store made me instantly love the clothes.  It has to be the feminine flair with which these designs are created. 

For this look, I honestly considered toning the jewels down and using all black accessories to make the dress really pop out at you.  However, styled that way, it was too bland.  Too bad prom.  To tone down that look, I turned to a little 20s flair.  Something slightly period yet in a modern way.

The base for this look is, of course, the Koale Dress in Fuschia from Ty Zvezda.  Please note ladies that yes, this is a sculpted design, BUT sized and posed correctly it is not at all hard to wear.  You could most certainly wear this for events and look bright and fresh.

While I went for the Saffron Pumps in Black from Lelutka, you could also easily do a nude shoe to extend the length of your leg. Or a more open heeled sandal to lighten the look.

This look started with the Je Suis Magnifique Bangles in Purples. Choosing a secondary color for the gems keeps you from being too terribly monotone and adds some visual interest. By selecting a complimentary color as opposed to one that contrasts, it keeps the look toned down and understated. With colors this bright, I tend to not contrast. Its bright enough, it doesn’t need my help.

Side Note: When you visit Je Suis, keep in mind that buying the fatpack of these bangles gives you the option to combine ALL of the colors they offer in any way you desire. You can change the color of each bracelet in the stack. C’est Magnifique! …oh wait, is THAT where the name came from ?!

The LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace is also a color changing piece and its length and the way it hangs gives it a 20s flair that makes it perfect for this look. I’ve paired it here with their Magnitudo Earrings.

The !Lamb DIY Haircut in Butterfinger with a custom tint has the short bangs and short cut of a woman liberated by booze and jazz. Although I expect they were going more for the look of someone who stupidly let their cousins put a bowl over their head to use as a guide for a home haircut, which actually happened to my sister once.

The trick here is to try to go for something unique. Its so easy to get stuck in the habit of seeing a cocktail dress and going, “Oh, I need to wear strappy heels, diamonds and an elegant hair.” You don’t NEED to do anything but think outside the box.

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