Style by Step: Oh, What a Feeling.

I have rhythm now.  And its not just from the records in the record store.  This outfit hit fashion rhythm courtesy of some totarry hawt Madonna-esque cross jewelry from Je Suis.

It all started at The Whore Mansion when I saw this very fabulous I Love NY Mini Sweater.  The way she has it layered over a black tank with the shorts and hose reminded me of Hollywood’s idea of great dance gear in the 80s.  So I took her basic style and amped it up with some accessories into a like totally fabulous nod to flashdance.

The basic look consists of the aforementioned sweater.  The Whore Mansion‘s Shitty Pants in Black. I’ve gone with the *Sheer* Tights 21: Fishnet in Bold Black to give myself that underlayer fit for broadway (or ballet school) hopefuls. Whatever welds your iron.

That gives you a basic look to build on.  For this particular look, I took inspiration from Strawberry Singh‘s recent blog and opted a tattoo in.  Her’s looked so rich, who could resist adding one when a bare midriff presented itself?

This one, from The Sea Hole,  felt flowery but with a bit of edge to it as its Death Lili name suggests. This one is very me, but with the infinite options out there you are sure to find one that is very you for your next cropped top.

The next piece to fall into place was this lovely low slung rock and roll studded belt.  The Ginger Belt from Nyte’N’Day leaves me waiting for the next Whitesnake song and looking around to see which car Tawny is going to roll around on next. Because if she doesn’t show up, hell, I’m a ginger. I’ll do it myself.

Once the belt was in place, it became a no brainer to hit up Blitzed for some leather cuffs. I used the classic Brutal Cuffs in Grey on the left wrist, but the newer Legacy Cuff in Black on the right.

The real aha! moment for me with this look was hitting Je Suis and noticing that the Gothique set would make a lovely Madonna reference in the mix of my 80s dance look. Who danced in the 80s without dancing to Madge?! I’m wearing both the earrings and the necklace here. And yes, my earrings are properly adjusted under all that hair.

These lovely flowing locks were styled by the geniuses at !Lamb. This is Honey in Butterfinger with a custom tint.

Side Note: I add a custom tint to most of my hair. Even if its already red. The shade of gingah I like is very specific. These are the detail things that make you unique ladies. Don’t whine to me about not getting this or that if you aren’t doing your detaiilll worrrkkk. You know who you are.

And finally, what would a nod to the 80s be without some sassy legwarmers? These are the Bax Wool Legwarmer 2.0 in Black. Mine are committing complete heresy by being tossed over some Mentine Basic Ankle Boots in Black Patent.

A little Moonshadow in True Blood and some nice Miamai No Alpha Lashes N15 and I hit the streets of ‘New York’ to find a nice record shop where I could find some dance inspiration.

If you need me, I’ll be in the salon shaking it to some vintage Prince. Because in this look, there will definitely be some Thieves in the Temple tonight.

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