Style by Step: Disco Divine

Style is eternal.  That’s why fashion keeps repeating itself.  No matter how those of us who grew up in the 80s wish some of those trends would stay dead.  The 70s, however, are fair game with this look built off of a gold lame jumpsuit from Meghindo’s.

Ladies, there are no words at all for how the shading of this jumpsuit makes your tush look.  Well, I mean, there ARE words but I won’t be tooting my own tush here.  The sash sits well and flows nicely, the leg prim are flexi and have a definite 70s feel.  As an added bonus, this jumpsuit comes with the tuxedo jacket you can see me wearing in the December Issue of BOSL Magazine.  Check that Winter in Paris section.

To grab this base piece, hit up Meghindo’s and grab the Onna Ansamble.

I’ve chosen to layer mine with a pop of purple from R.icielli. The Dylia Leather Jacket in Purpura has a nice cropped cut and open front that frames this jumpsuit without covering it up. 

Hair was a tough choice for this one and is part of the reason this is a style by step and not a quickstyle.  When you are doing a piece that is meant to evoke a decade, its important to add pieces in that give the feel of the past in a modern way.  This particular hair I refer to as ‘crazy editor hair’ although you could also technically call it ‘bunny boiler hair’ since it closely resembles the wildness of Glenn Close’s locks in Fatal Attraction.  It very much evokes the image in my mind of a busy magazine editor hovering with a loop over contact sheets on a lightboard.  Possibly even screaming for an assistant to bring coffee.

In any case, the hair with this look is also very 70s inspired.  It helps draw the ensemble together while keeping it relevant to modern fashion.  This particular hair is ::DBS:: Surreal in Auburn.

The jewels are another very specific choice.  This is where you pull out your color wheel (unless its burned into your brain).  There are not that many colors you can pair with gold lame and a medium tone purple without getting to a point where people start to hum circus music when you walk by.  Navy is a great way to toss another color in the mix without going to the big tent.  These particular gems are from the one eleven sale and are by LaGyo.  The Apfel Necklace and Baba Earrings feature large sapphire gems with diamond and gold accents.

This look is finished off with fallow colored Nadia Sandals from Kitties Lair.

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