Style by Step: 3636!

Diannnyyyyy!  I saw you looking at meh flickr.  Thanks for stopping by and here’s one for you!

The base for this look is the Zacara sweater dress from 3636 Couture by Dianny3636 Aeon.  I love the reptilian texture on this dress and the overlay of soft darker grey feathered design.  It gives this garment texture a nice contrast.  However, my favorite part of this garment is the collar.  Its high and deep and yet magically, I did not have to adjust a single thing to make it work.  Hawt.  Love it. 

The coppery tones in the belt give a nice pop of color and I opted to copy that piece onto my wrists.  It shrank down very easily into two cuff size bracelets.  I’ve paired the sweater dress with hot hot hot Rich Gurl leggings from House of Fox.  These leggings come with a great sock layer that extends the length down enough to have them fit with booties with no flesh flash.  The booties I picked up here are Miamai’s Black Label Predatorix.

The fabulous flowing follicles are of course 3636 once again.  This is the Agtaope in Mandarin with some custom tinting.  I’ve used Angel Earrings from Glow Studio for their grey coloring and soft angel face finishes.

L. Fauna Smokey Cat Shadow in Pink/Teal gives this look a nice pop of fall color peeking out from that lovely, cuddly collar.

Props Dianny!  Looooove ittttt.

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  1. Dani_2.0 says:

    Gorgeous look! Love the hair style too

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