Fashion Statement: Mondo

There are occasions when something touches you.  A person, a place, a garment, whatever it may be.  It just so happens that as part of being a total clothes whore, I am not-so-secretly addicted to Project Runway.

This past season Project Runway introduced its legion of faithful followers to a certain someone named Mondo Guerra.

(For more on Mondo,

Mondo started the season quite shy.  He felt isolated and alone because he is more reserved and didn’t make friends as fast as some of the other contestants.  He was my favorite from the start not only for this(I adore an underdog), but for his quirky personal style and his amazing designs.

As the season progressed, everyone got to know Mondo better and all who knew him loved him.  Even the big bitch of the season, Gretchen (know to us as Gretchen the Terrible Textile Taker).  For Episode 10, Mondo’s adventure through Project Runway took a personal turn.

The contestants were given the opportunity to create their own textile and Mondo’s textile had a very personal meaning.  Mondo is an unfortunate victim of the latent societal issues with not only homosexuality but the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  I sobbed as he told his story on project runway.  Because all too often, the most tragic things happen to amazing individuals.  And for Mondo, the fear of telling the truth of a situation and losing the love of those you hold dear was a daily repression on him as a human being. 

These pants were his way of opening up, facing the truth and shouting it to the world.  And after this, we got to see a whole new Mondo.  Being able to release the weight of this big secret seemed to help him blossom and grow.  It was a joy to watch.

This is a HUGE thank you to Kaysha Piers from Osakki for bringing Mondo’s HIV Positive pants into SL as leggings and a total Fashion Statement for Mondo.

Viola for Mondo

For this styling, I selected all Osakki clothing.  Kaysha was awesome enough to bring this design in-world, its the least I could do.

The Guerilla Bodysuit in Ink from Osakki was chosen to represent the societal and familial constraints that were holding Mondo back.  This bodysuit is a perfect choice with its high shoulders and chain detail.  I love that its designed as a bodysuit.  You can pair this with any number of leggings and make it look fresh every time.

Obviously, the leggings are the special edition Osakki Noxious Leggings in Mondo Yellow.  LOVE them.  They are the base that this look was built around and were chosen because they are the in-world representation of the pants Mondo crafted for Episode 10.

I’ve selected the red hot and spanking new Maitreya Gold Shearling Boots in Black to keep a military feel to things.  They are worn here with Warm Knit Socks in Black from Vive9.  I love that the boots have a ton of hot buckle detail on them AND a high heel so you stay high fashion.  Its no mistake that the shearling detail picks up the antique gold color of the jacket’s buttons.

In addition, I’ve used LaGyo’s Numinoso Elbow Cuffs in Gold over the jacket’s sleeves for a little extra modern military touch.  Since this look is very high fashion and a statement look, I chose Miamai’s ultra haute Ashane Updo in Red with LaGyo’s Magnitudo Earrings in Gold.  The earrings were one of the tougher calls, I wanted something that felt right.  These nice, solid onyx stones just felt right. They lend themselves to the austere nature of the military look fairly well.

My lips are sealed and keeping Mondo’s secret with a little help from JesyLiLO’s Tattoo Face in Hurt.  Miamai NoAplha Lashes in N15 help frame out L. Fauna’s Smokey Cat Shadow in Black and the tear streaked mascara from my face Tattoo.

This look is for Mondo.  Thank you Mondo for being you and touching my life.  May we all learn from your unique ability to mix prints and colors in a way that no one else can.  May we also learn from your pain and be more open to the differences in each of us.

Note:  To capture this look, I created a huge white box then created positive symbols and alternated the colors between black and the fuschia color on the leggings.  The overall effect made a fairly spiffy backdrop for the look.

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