The Low ARC Lowdown: MyPrecious Queen Contest Audience Look

Low Arc Look Styled for Audience at MyPrecious Queen Contest

Typically, when I’m an audience member at a contest show, I will always style very understated.  Its polite to stay low ARC and inconspicuous.  Both to the event staff and to the contestants as well.

For the MyPrecious Queen contest, I did maintain a low ARC, BUT I did not style entirely inconspicuous.  On purpose.  I missed semi-finals for this competition for personal reasons of the real world and unavoidable emergency variety.  And while I did stay fairly low key, I also didn’t want anyone to question why they chose me for those semi-finals.

In plain english, I was not about to show up looking like a hot mess in front of people who thought enough of me to select me to move forward in their contest.  I did, in fact, choose to show up displaying some of the styling that got me selected.

Sometimes you have to walk a very fine line like this and its important to do so without drawing the attention away from the stage.  Note that I did so here by using understated colors with unique styling.

Before we move to the point of this post, the ARC, I’d like to say 1 more thing about stying for events.

Please make a note to yourself.  If you are going to a designer specific event, try your best to wear that designer.  There are numerous occasions where I show up for an event, look around and people are wearing whatever in the world their little hearts desire.  That’s cute.

However, a billion people tell you how competitive modeling is every single day.  Why would you purposefully choose to NOT take the opportunity to show a designer that you are capable of making their clothes even more desireable?!

Show that you are a serious professional ladies.  Please, make every attempt to wear a designer’s clothes to their events.   It should be common sense.  If its not for you, WOOHOO!  That’s another job for me.  Having posted this tip for all to see, I now reserve the right to chair dance every time you screw up. 

Now, to the true point of our post today.

My base avatar arc is 154.

This gown is the MyPrecious by Agnes Finney Gracie Gown in Champagne.  It is worn as sold and has an ARC of 333. 

I use a variety of Donna Flora jewels to give this gown a retro style.  We’ll start with the Donna Flora Bouquet Necklace at an ARC of 94.  The Matching Bouquet Earrings come in at 55 ARC.  Donna Flora’s ATMA Bracelet clocks in at 30 ARC and the matching ring at an ARC of 50.  That leaves us with a total jewelry ARC of 229.

I’ve used Baiastice’s Lucrezia Hair Attachment here to help keep that ARC low.  It has an incredibly low ARC of 25.  The Tiny Bird Reds Pack Hair Base required to match it to my scalp has a whole 0 ARC.

Once again, my secret weapon Kitties Lair goes on those tootsies.  The Zara Sandals in Black come in with 230 ARC.

Let’s do that math:

Jewels:  229 ARC

Hair:  25 ARC

Shoes:  230 ARC

Gown:  333 ARC

Base Avatar ARC:  154

Total ARC for old hollywood glamour AND the added bonus of wearing a designer’s look to their event:

971 ARC.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josh Askari says:

    I love these regal looks Viola 🙂 Especially those that throw in old world sophistication ^_^

    1. Thanks Joshie! And thanks for stopping by doll face. ❤ you!

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