The Low ARC Lowdown: Heading to the MVW Event

Low ARC look styled for Miss Virtual World Event

When going to a major event as an audience member, it never fails that I get a shock.  Someone inevitably shows up at the event, typically several someones, as though they are the only person in the grid who matters.  There are some people who will police and throw you out.  Some won’t.  But a very, very wise person has taught me that maintaining low ARC at events is your responsibility.  Unless of course you are on stage, in which case, blow it up.

Miss Virtual World is a tricky event to style for.  No, I’m not on stage this year so number 1, this event is not about me in any way whatsoever.  That being said, there are major industry names in the room and I don’t want to waltz in wearing nothing but a mannequin skin going TARDAR!  How you doin?

The solution?  Be fashionably respectful.  For attending Miss Virtual World 2011, I chose a look that was purposefully understated in its overall color, while still showing that I knew how to pop color and be unique.

In order to do this and maintain a low arc, you may have to waft through your evening gowns or even pick up something new.  This gown is one I recently styled for the December Issue of BOSL Magazine so it was already in my inventory.

This gown is from SAS, it is called Gabriella’s Dream and I am wearing it in Espresso.  This is the sleek flexi skirt version with the sculpted bolero.  The gown’s total ARC as styled is 329.

To add a dash of color and keep the styling unique, I chose Ganked Jewels.  These pieces are from the Jealousy set in Violet.  The necklace clocks in with an ARC of 109, the earrings have an ARC of 26, and the bracelet’s at 81 ARC.  Gem Total ARC comes in at 216.

I chose a short, chic hairstyle for this look in both an effort to keep the arc low and as another head bow to the ladies on the stage.  This is W&Y’s Hair New 75 in Mocha with an ARC of 134.

The shoes are a little secret ARC weapon of mine.  They are from Kitties Lair.  I chose the Nadia Sandal in Fallow for this particular look.  They have an ARC of 205.

So, let’s do our math.

Base Avatar ARC:  154

Jewel ARC: 216

Shoes:  205

Hair: 134

Gown:  329

So the total ARC for this look is *drumroll*


And as an added bonus, I’m not naked in a mannequin skin in front of the noteable names in the MVW audience yet I’ve styled very understated to keep the attention on the stage, where it belongs.

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