Fashion and Trends at Miss Virtual World 2011

My original intent for this post was to just push all the photos out here.  Instead, I’ve posted my entire photo collection from the pageant to flickr.  You may skip this and view those at

Orrrr, you can hang out and read all about the fashion and trends here at the blog.  Totally your choice.

First and foremost, this year was a glorious rainbow of color.  The colors were vivid and intensely pigmented.  They were widely varied and amazingly crafted.  This trend was not only highly visible through the National Costume section of the event but also in the Evening Gown portion of the competition.

Let’s look at some national costumes first…

Cieleste Magic, Taiwan National Costume

Ciely is not being posted first because she is a friend, her costume just happens to be very vivid in its coloration.  One of the things you look for in a successful Miss Virtual World candidate is someone who stands out.  This costume helps Ciely do just that.  The use of vivid reds, blues, and golds draws your eye straight to this masterpiece of virtual fashion and the woman wearing it.  This costume also has some glow to it.  Glow used correctly, as it is here, can really amp a garment up an extra notch.  This costume, to me, is a prime example of that.  But overall, the color usage here is masterful.   A huge nod to June Dion from Bare Rose on this costume paired with hair from Tukinowaguma.

Fauve Beaumont, France National Costume

Fauve uses color to evoke the spirit and personality of one of France’s most infamous female figures, Marie Antoinette.  Let’s have one girly moment here really fast because, well, I want to.

PINK PINK PINK *claps profusely* Its PINK PINK PINK!!!

Okay, and with that out of the way lol, this costume says exactly what its meant to by using color.  Fauve referenced Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette in her description and color is a huge reason you are able to pack a bag and take that trip with her.  Marie, love her or hate her, was a girl.  A girly girl at that.  In her youth and folly she may have made some choices that …ended a bit poorly as it turns out.  But, she was young and fresh and feminine and this gown in being so vividly pink is a walking representation of that exuberance for life and the enjoyment of it.  This color popped off of the stage and dared you to ignore it.  It also immediately said France as opposed to Elizabethan England largely due to the coloration.  A simply stunning garment from Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.  Jewels are Donna Flora as well.  Hair is Tukinowaguma.

Luralie Bailey, Egypt National Costume

(Disclaimer before gushing:  I LOVE anything that references ancient Egypt.)

Oh. my.  Luralie was entirely impossible to ignore in this.  The blue may not be the most prevalent color here but the shade and tone of it is absolute perfection.  It is every inch the lapis used in ancient egyptian garments and jewels.  It drips off this garment in its perfection.  The gold speaks for itself.  Again, the absolute perfect shade and tone brought through the centuries and onto the Miss Virtual World stage.  While these two primary colors are what immediately pulls your eye to the garment, the detail work is amazing here.  The corset area and bracers of this garment are heavily inlaid with intricate details straight out of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  The turquoise and coral colors so diligently displayed in these insets are again, straight out of the tomb and onto the stage.  Tut so would have worn this.  Proudly.  In fact, I’m not sure whether they crafted it or spent months digging for it.  I’m told that this is a combo of pieces from both Bare Rose and Mea Culpa.

Serene Faith, Hong Kong National Costume

Imperial Red anyone?  We can now call this color foreshadowing for how the evening would turn out but back during the costume section, this was simply another brilliant use of color.  Actually, let’s change my photo choice.  Hang tight…

There we go.  I was going to use the full length photo and highly recommend that you take that flickr link to peek.  The gown from Nicky Ree of Designing Nicky Ree is stunning, but I want to talk about the brilliant use of highly colorful jewels here.  Yes, the entire look is very much culturally rich and representative through color usage.  However, the use of gems in this instance is a masterful stroke, whether the effect was intentional or not.  I could not stop zooming in on Serene.  These gems from Alienbear Gupte were colored to absolute perfection.  It felt like she was dripping in Jade and I wanted those jewels dripping off me.  And as a result of not being able to stop looking at the gems, guess what folks?  I couldn’t get my camera off her face. 

Shae Sixpence, Brazil National Costume

The award for best use of color palette to pop you off the stage goes to my pal, Shae Sixpence.  You will see me touch on her again when discussing gowns later on but let’s make a pit stop with her costume first.  Shae is very aware of her seasonal coloration and her palette.  During the entire evening, she made use of her knowledge (stop frantically looking, she’s a winter).  Working with Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, Shae ended up with a piece that not only popped off the stage in true carnival style vibrance, but complimented her dark, rich skin thoroughly. The detail work on this piece was insane.  The butterfly and floral trim is all individually given attention with a collection of rich, deep colors that leave you thirsty for a closer, longer look.  Its impossible to appreciate this in the short amount of time each lady had to present their looks.  You’d have to buy it, take it home and put it on to ever hope to see all of the detail work done here.

Let’s talk about color and evening gowns.

Angels Milena, Italy Evening Gown

Oh my butter.  This gown made me feel like Paula Deen at a butter convention.  There was no way to get enough.  The softness of the color itself and the amazing shading gave this gown a delicate feel yet made it entirely impossible to ignore.  This was one of my top 3 favorite gowns of the evening and is from Dadina Dosei of DD Style.  The soft coloring, the matching jewels and hairpieces, it is sublime in its absolute perfection and taste.  This is color done in a way that is understated and yet no less perfect for it.  Her jewels are from Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.

Calista Ella, Argentina Evening Gown

Mmm…blend blend blend.  This gown was the first one on the stage for the evening so I found myself holding back my fashiongasm thinking that something else might come along for me to really curl those toes over.  As it turns out, this remains a favorite for me in terms of color.  For those of you who missed the fall awards season in Hollywood, allow me to fill you in.  NAVY.  Navy was an amazing color this awards season for red carpets everywhere.  This gown, from Marita Overland of Runway Couture and Lyrba Rage, brings the best of the Navy trend straight to the Miss Virtual World stage and that’s not even why I love it so.  Its the subtle blending of rich, eggplant purple into this gown that really gives the color depth and interest.  This coloring is expertly done and dead on with the trends for fall.  Bravo.

Louise McWinnie, Czech Republic Evening Gown

Oops, another girly moment


What truly pops about this gown is the shade of pink.  This gown is the rich Cerise color of a perfect fall pink.  There are so many amazing things about this gown, but lets stick to the color.  The split second I saw this gown coming, it went straight into my favorite list.  Based on color alone.  Then, it gets closer and you realize it is dead on with the floral trend and the deal is sealed.  This gown, from Mami Jewell of Azul, is elegant because while the color is rich, it is not overtly in your face bright.  It is understated and subtle while it draws you in and seduces you.

Gosh, this post will already be long so I want to make sure I limit it as best I can.  That means only 1 more gown to discuss in terms of color.  Let’s seeeee.  Hrmmmm.

Tania Tebaldi, Russia Evening Gown

Why this gown?  Mixed use of color AND trend.  This gown is like a rich fashion dessert.  Let’s start with the fact that there are 3 primary colors for this gown.  The delicate silver of the lace, the light, bright pink of the floral details and then the basic black of the gown and gloves.  This is a sophisticated palette in and of itself.  Again understated in the coloration yet dead on for an evening look.  Especially for an event such as this when you really want to appear elegant, regal, and untouchable.  No room has been left to not choose this.  None.  And who crafted this?  Mami Jewell of Azul of course.  Shoes were the Lauren in Black Python from Stiletto Moody.  Hair is Fran in Smoky from JE*Republic.  Jewels are Hermione in White Diamonds from Virtual Impressions.

On a personal note, had the black parts of this gown been Navy, I would have rocketed out of my chair in full blown fashiongasm, toes curling in parisian chic delight.  It would also have allowed this gown to hit yet another trend.  To me, a Navy base would have pushed this from already lofty heights into the level of entirely untouchable sophistication.  Dare I say it, Chanel heights.

I also selected this gown last as it uses so many lovely trends.  The silver area is lace.  There are few fall runways that did not display lace.  Lace is very on trend right now, in fact, it is HUGE.  And it will continue to trend through spring.  My hope is that we will see a larger influx of the lace trend in world as well.  When done in a sophisticated palette, lace is the ultimate feminine tool.  If someone wants to hit me up with a black lace gown that has a well done nude lining, by all means find me.  It is the most sophisticated of all the lace looks and we keep seeing it repeat in fashion trends through the decades because of that.

Also, this gown touches on our next topic.  Florals.  Florals have long been something that are an integral part of my personal style.  In both of my worlds.  In the real world, a Floral Brooch is a constant for me.  Whether I bring it into a look as an actual brooch or craft it into a jewelry piece, it is almost always prevalent on my person.  Florals are a great way to be girly every day.  At Miss Virtual World this year, Florals were so prevalent that we can only hope this is a trend that will be continued this season in SL fashion.

Let’s peek at some floral love from the stage.

Blossoms Sweetwater, China Evening Gown

Miss China shows us a great example of the profusion of floral looks that graced the stage this year.  Not only is she wearing an explosion of floral fashion wonder, her name is Blossoms.  This namesake gown is from Mami Jewell at Azul.  Could you just die ?

Carilynn OHare, Ireland Evening Gown

Another great example of the floral trend is presented by Miss Ireland, Carilynn OHare.  This gown was like watching spring come toward you in all her glory.

Darling Tomorrow, Spain Evening Gown

This is another of my personal top 3 garments from the evening.  I LOVE this dress.  The delicate champagne-feeling, antique color is amazing, but even more so is that this is a floral gown.  Any time you try to add a great deal of floral detailing at the waist, you run the risk of making your client look heavy (in either world).  This gown is an expert example of how to do floral correctly.  The bodice is clear and simple and defines the shape of Miss Spain, Darling Tomorrow, and yet the skirting is this fabulous layering of petals cascading from a central floral point that draws your eyes back up and onto the wearer.  Brilliant work.

ADDED NOTE:  Darling tells me that Takuya Jinn of Gabriel made this gown at the last possible moment for her.  Her designer quit 2 days before the show.  She received the gown at 8am on the day of the pageant.  Congrats to both Takuya and Darling for pulling something amazing off on such short notice. 

There are so many more examples of how florals were a prime fashion trend on the Miss Virtual World stage, but, I’d like to touch on some other things without anyone passing from nap straight into coma.  So check that flickr!

Now, let’s talk about jewels.  One of my pet peeves in SL fashion is that so many people toss on some diamonds and consider their evening wear well styled.  Ladies, in a world where we are constantly told how competitive the modeling market is, why?  Why in the name of the fashion father would you possibly limit yourself this way ?! 

The Miss Virtual World stage this year showed a very clear departure from your every day jewels.  The gems on the stage were amazing in their variety and detail.  It is my hope that this will trend out to the rest of SL in some great ways that result in there being more options available along this line.

And I know exactly who we will talk about first on this one.  Fauve Fauve Fauve.

Fauve Beaumont, France Evening Gown

The jewels paired here are stunning.  These are by Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora.  Love the use of the citrine teardrop at both the neck and ear.  A choker style necklace was a must for this gown by Fellini Couture, but this one is so far from the norm and so brilliantly used.  The chocolate detail that repeats above the citrine at both the neck and ear has me spinning in fashion glee as well.  The pearls along the necklace are also very rich and their slightly larger size is another master stroke on this stunning piece.  Hair here is from Son!a.

Straight to Shae for sure.  She picked up on something that is severely lacking in SL fashion.

Shae Sixpence, Brazil Evening Gown

Lets make two quick fashion notes before I gush about the use of jewels here.  1, as I mentioned earlier, Shae stays straight in her palette with this gown.  In person, it shone like a pearl.  And, the color popped off her dark skin in a way that you had zero choice about noticing.  It was BAM.  Also, Shae and Kimmera did what few others attempted with this gown.  A different cut. 

You always hear in SL about being a trendsetter.  The cut of this gown is unique and if it creates a trend of uniquely shaped gowns, we are all in for a glorious season.

But overall, the use of jewels here is what I love.  Jewels are rarely integral pieces of a garment in SL.  Now, its no surprise to me that Kimmera designed this gown and was open to the use of jewels in this way.  Kimmera is one of the few designers out there who goes there with her fashion.  The brooch on her H&M inspired “Sparrow” garment is a prime example.

Shae goes that extra mile by skipping a necklace altogether in favor of popping her jewels from her gown.  Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Jewels crafted this particular brooch specifically for this gown.

This gown gives me hope that we may see a trend where designers either craft jewels as integral pieces of their gowns OR, possibly even work with some of SL’s top jewelers to create stunning pieces that work together.

In my mind’s fashion eye, I see a 20s inspired silk gown with dual brooches at the shoulder.  Mmmm…yes please.

Ranini Farella, Turkey Evening Gown

Ranini is another great example of using unconventional jewels AND using them as an integral part of her garment.  This piece was stunning and unique.  The use of a super simple and chic evening gown that kept the pop of interest at the neckline did its job.  It drew your eye up and straight to Ranini.  This look from head to toe is one that could easily surpass trends and become iconic and classic.  This garment is from Valena Glushenko of ORTA with a necklace from Paper Couture.  The sole thing I feel like I really would have liked here would be an earring that was a touch bolder.  Something that stood up to the necklace and helped frame the face.  But that is just personal taste.  The overall effect of this particular look already felt very Jackie O.  Understated, elegant, chic.

Serene Faith, Hong Kong Evening Gown

Oh Serene, how did I stare at your hair gems?  Let me count the ways.  For those of you still scratching your heads not understanding how the fates (and or judges) plucked Serene from the mass of extraordinarily well-heeled ladies, let me point out ….this is the second time I have pulled her as an example of great use of jewels.  This is the second look where I could NOT take my eyes off of her FACE.  These gems are amazing.  They are culturally on target as well as unique and are once again from Alienbear Gupte.  They use color in a way that is tasteful and only for effect.  Also, the use of gems in the hair was stunning.  I could not keep my camera off of Serene’s head.  These jewels complimented the elegant simplicity of the gown from Mami Jewell of Azul in a way that framed Serene herself. 

One more, because I cannot resist it.

Yuuki Breen, Venezuela Evening Gown

This is another fantastic example of gems being an integral part of the evening gown.  For Yukki, in my personal (and almost entirely value-less) fashion opinion, the missing factor here was the repitition of the pop of color at the ear.  The earrings fade and cannot withstand the pop of color presented by the gown.  Possibly a missed opportunity with the eye color.  If I imagine this with a blue eye, my mind sparks on the image.  The gown itself was stunning in coloration and craftsmanship.  For me, Miss Venezuela in any pageant is always striking.  This gown made it through the gauntlet of other striking representations worn by any Miss Venezuela in either world.  The jewels along this neckline are brilliant and well placed creating a unique garment that fully integrates gems as a design element. 

Overall, the evening set a new tone in formal elegance with the prevalent use of interesting gems.  More people went for pieces that were different, even antique-looking in their design.  More of the ladies branched out into a place of elevated visual brilliance by using the unexpected to bring  that extra sparkle to their ensembles.  The result was a sense of totally elevated styling skill.

Now, let’s cover one more thing before you take a richly deserved nap.  I’m going to choose my pal Ciely to pick on as an illustration of this one.  Simply because I know the backstory on her look AND hers is the most easily identified example of this particular trend in the evening.

Cieleste Magic, Taiwan National Costume

Ciely gives us a fantastic and very clear example of one of the newest players on the Miss Virtual World stage this year.  Tattoo layer make-up.  I happen to have the insider buzz on this particular tattoo layer because Ciely chose to share her very big day with us.  Ciely crafted this particular tattoo herself.  To further illustrate the culture of the country she was representing.

It seemed that quite a few of the ladies utilised this new fashion tool in their styling for the pageant and the result was a level of variety that added to the looks they presented.  I can only hope that this new tool in our fashion arsenals will continue to develop, be honed and spread.  In a world where skins can get trendy and you can find yourself overwhelmed with numerous people wearing the same skins, these tattoos become another way to set yourself apart.  Another styling element you can use to your advantage.  My hope is that they will trend into something that we see more of for next year.

Overall, being there in person was an amazing experience.  Several people have asked and NO, I did not have to sleep with, rub on, or otherwise sexually pleasure anyone to get there.  I have Shae and my own styling to thank for my ticket.  For those who have so obviously forgotten, Shae’s photo won the BOSL Anniversary Photo Contest and everyone featured in the photo won a ticket to the event.  Seee….no closet indescretions you pervs.

I would like to close this post with a photo or two of the outgoing Miss Virtual World Miaa Rebane.  She looked amazing and every inch the queen as she relinquished her crown to the next Miss Virtual World.  Her gown was unique, gorgeous, and seemed to fit her personality to a T.  This is an original garment from Kimmera Madison at Tres Beau.  I don’t know Miaa THAT well, but I can tell you that this looked screamed Miaa to me.  Understated yet unique and elegant.

Miss Virtual World 2010 Miaa Rebane
Miss Virtual World 2010, Miaa Rebane

Congratulations on your accomplishments as Miss Virtual World Miaa.  May you now have time to rest, reflect and pursue your post-crown dreams.

As for me, the other blog posts I need to write will have to wait.  This took an hour and a half and my tush is numb.  Look for more posts in coming days on low arc formal attire for major events.  As well as a BIG statement blog featuring my favorite new in-world representation of real world fashion.

*Note:  A message was sent to each Miss in an effort to identify the creators of each and every piece featured in this blog.  Thus far, about half of the info is in and the blog is being updated as I receive things.

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  1. Cieleste Magic says:

    Amazing post Vi!!!! I can tell you put so much time and effort into this. To add on, my national costume was created by the amazing June Dion. 🙂 Great job on this girl!! muahxx~

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