Yes, I slacked.  For months.  And now, its time to finally sort all of the shopping and hunting and Ooooo I have to have THAT items and get to work.  I may go retroactive on you a little bit in an effort to cover some of the things that have kept me busy and off the blog, but its all fashion and there may be something in there you like.  So hang on tight spider monkeys.

For today, a teaser photo from our FLF adventures.  Not only did the lovely Miss Callie Cline come down from her work to visit with us, she moved the back wall of the store in for our fun snap of the day.  You rock Callie!

Now, if we can just figure out why I look so much taller than everyone else.  Or maybe wth Elaera has in that bag.  I’m guessing its body parts he’s dispersing around the grid.  Possibly because a bish didn’t look at his shorts.

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  1. Mr. Maven says:

    Ugh! I thought I disguised the body parts! But you’re right, this time it was my glasses. Next time a Bish WILL look at my shorts. Or, she’ll end up in this bag.

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