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Okay peeps, right is right and wrong is…well, a hot mess.  There have been a number of insulting things being slung about regarding Blackliquid Tokyoska.  These attacks have gotten personal.  They’ve encroached into comments about her as a real life person and have gone straight past being appropriate or even reasonably stated complaints and straight into racist attacks and character slander.

So to start, I am guilty.  Blackliquid and I worked together,  I found myself disappointed with the results…largely due to my own ignorance about the state of my avatar at the time and I made comments to someone based on that experience that were neither very diplomatic nor very responsible on my part.  I let human nature get the best of me and did the wrong thing.

A day or two later a photographer pal of mine and I were having a conversation and I realized just how injudicious my original reaction was.  While it is too late to take that conversation back, I can apologize for it.  And I have.  To Blackliquid, in person, like an adult.

Some time after this, I had the opportunity to have a nice, long girly chat with Blackliquid.  And you know what, she’s human!  No, really.  She has hopes and goals, wins and losses, and, more relevant to this discussion, feelings.  She is someone I have a vast amount in common with.  We’ve had some of the same life experiences whether good or bad.  She is someone I can identify with and relate to.

Blackliquid is someone who is very focused.  Since I am like that irl (okay okay, and in second life to some extent) and have myself been misunderstood for it, I can identify with what she is going through.  Its hard when you push yourself to achieve and you are very cut and dry about getting the business end of things done.  People want to make it personal or draw emotion into it and for someone who is focused on the job to be done its just not about that.  That doesn’t mean you have a person on your hands who is mean or unfeeling.  It means that they take being professional and getting the job done very seriously (as an aside, if I am hyperfocusing, please don’t approach me to talk about how shiny the sun is today).

Blackliquid is also a person who has achieved a great deal in a short amount of time.  This will inevitably cause jealousy among those seeking the same goals.  That’s normal.  Its a part of human nature and its even okay to vent frustration about such things.  However, there are limitations on what is appropriate and what becomes cowardice and bullying.

For whatever the reason, Blackliquid seems to have garnered some detractors who are making things way too personal.  Commenting on someone as a real life person is taking things way too far.  Second Life, for all that it comes to mean to us, is a video game.  Played out in pixels and, for most of us, meant to be an escape route.  A way to destress and have some fun.  An entertainment. 

If you have an honest reason to be upset or disgruntled, the appropriate thing to do is to address the issue.  Communicate.  I’ll even go so far as to suggest, and brace yourselves – this may be quite a stretch, that you might provide some example or proof *gasp* of fault.  Something more than gossip or just general discontent would be nice.

For those of you feeling a touch more advanced, you might elect to discuss your feelings with Blackliquid personally before posting for all the world to see.  I know this is a totally random concept, but talking problems out has been scientifically proven to work on occasion. *Bonks noggin* who’d a thunk it?!

My point here is that no one deserves to be hurt, slandered and humiliated for being themselves.  If you just cannot find a way to accept the Blackliquidness in all its glory, humanity and highly styled ways, then suck it up and move along. 

If none of this has caused anyone to see that the path of less drama is also the one of least resistance, I’ll leave you with this thought.  Yes, you may be giving Blackliquid some bad press, but honey, its still press and you are contributing to her fame.

For those of you who agree that this has gone too far, join the Blackliquid Blog Brigade.  Whether you have something positive to share about Blackliquid or just want to take a stand against posters who lay out claims and hide behind pseudonyms, get your post out there and be heard. 

Black, forgive me my faults of judgement and allow me to call you my well heeled friend?

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  1. Temperance Moonites says:

    Blackliquid is such a wonderful and amazing model, creator, photographer, and most of all friend. It saddens me when people who don’t really know her shout off about things they couldn’t even begin to know anything about. Hate is wrong and this does not only stand for B, but for anyone who is the victim of such horrible sewage being broadcast by people too scared to come forth from their anonymity. Mimmi, Frolic, Poptart, and many others have all been, and continue to be victims of this and it breaks my heart. Guess what? EVERYONE has feelings. I know shocker right?

    It’s so much easier to be nice and makes you feel better too? So whats the point of spreading filth, lies, and hate?

    Love you B!


  2. Ananya Mai says:

    Oh Viola!! You are just wonderful! I will have to post my B Blog soon xoxooxo Geez I haven’t updated it in agess too XDD I just wish I could write as well as you.


  3. Beautifully said Viola. I’ve been over at the Agency Report site and I’ve been appalled at some of the things written there. Not only about Blackliquid, many people get slandered on that forum. They seem to think that being anonymous entitles you to say whatever you want without fear or trepidation. Then of course there are those who aren’t anonymous but are still as bitchy as hell.

    I think SL magnifies stupid people’s distortions and I think it’s just great that you are saying ‘STOP’.

    I’m a little biased (lol) because Black is from Australia and for that, I so want her to win MVW regardless of the fact that she is representing another country. I think it’s pure jealousy that people are targeting her because there is no doubt, she’s created a stunning av and is focused on achieving results as a model and business woman. Go for it Black. Keep being successful because they deserve to be gnashing their teeth with jealousy.

  4. Keira Tyles says:

    Thank you Viola for writing this blog. I am not one that is very good with words, so it was great to see my own feelings come through in yours.

    I consider myself a very lucky person to have gotten to know the person behind blackLiquid. After just a few times speaking with her, I was already captivated by her intellect, genuineness, and inner beauty. This woman has brought a smile to my face so many times with her random acts of genuine kindness. I trust her, I love her, and I adore her. I can say that about very few on SL. I really pity the people that let their jealousy of an avatar hold them back from getting to know this wonderful woman.

    Thank you again for making a stand against this spew of personal attacks. Whether they are against b or another individual, they are unjust and inhumane.

    Keira Tyles

  5. Xavier Midal says:

    BlackLiquid has always been friendly, kind and helpful. She helped me with trying to find a major name brand pair of shoes. She even went so far as to buy them to fit them herself, finally introducing me to the designer to rectify the situation.

    She is an asset to sl, and I want everyone to know 😀

  6. Cinna Button says:

    I love our B. People can be so absolutely cruel. Thank you, Viola, for inspiring us to write and band together. Here is my post:

  7. eshi says:

    blackLiquid is a fantastic person. Were she not, I’d never be inspired by her. I’ve met her before she was ‘blackLiquid’…way before, and I’ve observed her transform herself into the best model she can be- because that’s the goal she set herself. She did not give herself the goal of “beating others” or “becoming famous” or “making people jealous” or whatever. She enjoys fashion and styling, she is an extremely artistic person who respects her friends and peers who deserve it regardless of their achievements and/or conflicted interests. I love her and I respect her because I KNOW her. And I don’t like and don’t respect those who briefly observe her and make a finite decision of who she is on superficial basis.
    Blackliquid is not a simple person, she is to be savoured layer by layer like a good cake. She’s my opera compared to someone else’s 9 inch nails. Which one of the haters has someone to speak of them like this? 🙂

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