What but it could, oh, it did…

Alas the ill fated day of the first Modavia call back came into being.  Now, no lie with the Modavia casting to walk and the 105 graduation show that same evening I was quite the mess.  But still, is there worse luck than can befall you when walking for something you were so excited about and in front of such esteemed people.  Mimmi was there for pete’s sake!

Thus I casually awaited my turn backstage to walk in the Modavia casting call.  Saying a brief prayer to the pixellated fashion gods before my name was called, out I proceeded to strut.  First mark, all is well land good.  After all, no one can see me sitting here counting with my lips moving.

Oh but ohhhh that center mark.  The first hint that thing were going foul was when my finger wholly slipped off the arrow key and I stopped short of the mark.  Hoping it was laggy, I moved the rest of the way to it and still….not so bad, one can overcome a slight blip proceeded to begin posing at the second mark.

Suddenly, are you kidding me?  My camera control gets stuck with two of the arrows in full effect and so my view of the runway is suddenly spinning entirely out of control.  <insert appropriate panic here>  So I suppose my stay at center stage was a bit…overlong, but I made the requisite turns and poses and proceeded on.

Stop three, top of the stage.  Right in front of the venerable judges and what should I do but stop short.  No, really.  For fear of falling in their laps like 4 to 5 strides short.

Nevertheless, I held my pixellated head up high and posed posed posed before exiting with no great faults.

But no, the day was not done with me yet.  Ohhhh noooo.  For the finale walk when we were meant to be an elegant stream of model bliss parading one last time for the perforce perusal of our prodigious procession what perfidy should befall but that I proceed to perform as though perfectly permeated with port.

In short, I may has well worn a drunk walk animation for all that I did weave and bob around that runway.

Fortunately, no one immediately approached to demand that I remove any suggestion that I might be a model from my person.  What do you do friends but laugh?  Que Sera et al it was just not my day nor meant to be.  But, with luck, I shall hit the Modavia runway again.  And oh so verrrrry carefully too! 


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