NEWS! Modavia, round 1

How did Shae and I respond to getting a callback for round 1 of Modavia casting.  Ohhh, you know, we were cool as cucumbers.  We said a quick congrats to each other and went on about our days.

What?  Noooo.  Absolutely not.  We would NEVER dream of running to Shae’s house and jumping up and down on the bed screaming.  We’re pros *cough*

No, really.  We ran straight to Shae’s house and jumped up and down on her bed in a pretty ferocious state of complete and utter glee.  I believe its safe to speak for both Shae and myself when I say that we were both completely thrilled and honored to get a call back in the Modavia casting.

The next round is Sunday, May 9th.  In this round, we will stomp it out with 50 other hopefuls in an attempt to rock that runway until we shake loose an invite for the finals round on May 16th.

Best wishes to all 50 models invited to this next round.  For those who did not make this cut, there were some amazing photos from what I saw posted on everyone’s flickr.  Everyone did an absolutely fantastic job with styling for these entries.  You were all amazing and it is always hard work to compete with you!

❤ Vi 🙂

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