For those of you rocking out on the grid with that 1 great friend who has your back even when you are having a style meltdown in the weeeeeee hours, BOOM has the BFF T-shirt pack.  This set includes a BFF t-shirt for you in undershirt, shirt and jacket layer; with a transferable set for your Bestie as well.  Also included are some old school braided friendship bracelets just like we made back in the day.

Shae Sixpence and I are sharing the love on her back patio in our set, styled casually for a day of shopping or just hanging out.  We snuck and wore these to the live auditions for MVW even though they are a bit on the high side of the ARC.

Shae has styled hers as a shirt layer with Nyte ‘N’ Day’s ”m the Cute One’ tank peeking out underneath.  Her Fishy Strawberry Equinox jeans give the ensemble a casual edge and a waist jacket from Fishy Strawberry draws the colors together effortlessly.  Jewels from Twinkleberry complete the look.

The stylists at Analog Dog have swept Shae’s hair back in a wonderfully wavy style while the make-up artists at LaVie have kept her look dewy and fresh for spring.

Viola has gone a little more urban with a white leather jacket from Aoharu layered over her T.  An undershirt from Ricielli adds an additional layer of white and tucks right into those Zwelgie Jeans in Blue.  BOOM’s matching BFF bracelets adorn her wrist.

The stylists at Truth have swept Viola’s long, raven locks into a loose pony with plenty of curls hanging down to keep it casual.  Fresh make-up in complimentary colors come compliments of the wonderful make-up artists from Laqroki.

As you can see, we are ready to rock the open air malls of SL or to head over to a pal’s for movie night.  Knowing Shae and I, shopping will factor in there somewhere.  Or, we may move on to the next thing and style it up.  One thing is certain, we will be somewhere laughing ;o)

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