COF’s VelvetRhythms Show full of hot and juicy…


When you model, you can get really used to walking up and down ‘planks’, here used to denote long straight runways of various design.  For the COF VelvetRhythms show held on Saturday (April 24th), there was a different approach.  To everything.

In a very Beach Blanket Bingo move, the stage was designed as a beach replete with an interactive beach ball, blankets, umbrellas, and lifeguard stands.  Our audience lounged on an offshore float of burnished wood.  Instead of having a designated walk and hiding out backstage until que’d, we were allowed to mingle out on the beach, hanging out and chatting. 

As we wandered to the front of the beach in a group, an ongoing dialogue of gossip and dish was posted by our fearless leader, Lacie Beningborough.  Some of the gossip heard at the show were things like…

“Yeah right, the only naked I get is on my pose stand between outfits.”

“My toes were just starting to curl when he asked…’can my boyfriend join us?'”

“Gay men like boobs, but va j j is like kryptonite!”

“I dunno.  Last I heard they were happy.  Then she found out he had a litter with a furry.”

“Well, he thought he was the fashion jesus, but we had to put him in his place.  Frolic already has that title!”

“Yeah, I tried stripping but I couldn’t stop offering the other dancers vasoline for all their pole related emotes…”

“I’m having his prim baby!!!”

“Sure, he’s hot here, but in real life he’s 58 with a guy big enough to park a litter of kittens on it.”

Then COF’s new owner, Lorac Cleanslate, would post garment descriptions as each model moved forward to give the audience a look.  Once described, we slipped back into the group to continue our idle chatting.

The goal here was to poke fun at the little idiosyncrasies of SL life in a show that was unique and original.  I’d say that somewhere during the first crash, that goal was reached.  By the end of the show Dragonbird ended up married to two women (don’t believe everything you read ;o) in a fit of drama worthy of its own daytime series.

From a backstage perspective, the show was fun.  Not only because we got to make fun of some of the random and not so random things that go on in the SL universe but because it was a more casual walk logistically.  There was no worrying about marks.  Which, given lag, made it much more fun to walk.  Yes, there was an area to hit, but the area was generous and still afforded the audience a view of the pieces on display. 

After the first crash which seemed to allow the sim adjust to us, changing clothes was a breeze and we were able to do a moving circuit and blend right back in to the crowd on the beach.  Nothing like an easy, breezy show to keep this model smiling.

With any luck, the audience enjoyed COF’s VelvetRhythms show as much as we did and the gossip put forth was taken tongue in cheek.  If not, some of us will have some explaining to do this week LOL!

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