New items coming soon at Skream!

I am going to let this slip and hope Jacqueline doesn’t murrrrrderrrrr me.  For those of you who have not yet stopped by, Skream is a lovely boutique store offering casual, punk/emo jewelry in addition to items that you could wear with more elegant attire. She has piercings and bracelets and necklaces.  Oh my!  One stop in and I knew I wanted to work there.  In fact, I basically stalked Jaq and batted my eyelashes like a sick, lost puppy until she took me into the Skream family…or I may have just applied and casted.  Something…erm…yeah. 

Skream designer Jacqueline Cliassi has been hard at work on new items for the store and will be releasing new products some time in the month of May.  Stay on the look out, I am trying to talk her into having a release party!

I don’t care if you wear a toga, but for pete’s sake wear undies or make it a long one ;p

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