Hot Coffee!

Leave it to me to go off the wall with a contest photo right?  Those poor saints at Model’s Workshop have got to be tired of seeing not only my second rate self portraiture but also the wacky things I tend to do for this contest.  I promise Herra et co, I will do a somewhat normal looking photo at least one month this year!

For this photo, I’m afraid my pesky sense of humor has returned.  I am a HUGE fan of the spork.  In fact, I would go to Taco Bell just to get the spork.  Really.  Sooo, to make it work I built a huge rectangular box and put a frying egg photo on the walls for texture.  Then, I added a field of Sporks surrounding Viola in the center as the ultimate breakfast treat, Bacon.  A toothpick cutting through is slightly painful but holds the bacon in place quite well.  Viola is cradling her coffee trying to wake up before the sporks spear her into the mouths of the hungry fashion critics.  Oh my! 

The Gurl 6 metal bracelet doubles as a meat tag to ensure us of the bacon’s fresh and not at all ripe smelling quality.  The beauty mark is just a spare added touch.  I mean, when you have a toothpick through you, what’s another piercing ?!

Doing photos that are a little outside the norm is something I really enjoy.  So while my day to day style is city chic, very sleek, very refined; my photographic style can vary wildly depending on whatever random ideas pop into my little noggin at any given time.  This particular photo is yet another example of the idea suddenly popping into my head full blown.  It was styled and done in about half an hour around a staged contest I was competing in that same evening.  Typical me lol.

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