VR Style Announces the Face of the Month Contest

The VR Style Face of the month competition is a competition that strives to put all models on equal footing regardless of experience or name recognition.  We all want to be know for what we achieve and this competition is aimed at helping you stand out.

With this competition, there are no clothes to buy.  You can enter with photos you already have.  Get double use out of your old contest photos?  Yes please.  It makes them more cost effective.  In lieu of selling you clothes, posting photo boards that make the contest about how many times your boyfriend will go vote (*cough* I’ve never done that ! *cough*), or making you take classes to maintain eligibility; you pay a small fee (just 125L$ people!).

In addition, there is no long app to fill out, just enter your basic info and paste in your modeling resume.  This contest is not about your ability to define quantum physics or you telling how much you really do want world peace.  Its about the work you have done to make your avatar beautiful and special.  The goal is to shine through showing what makes you unique.  To stand out from the pack.

You submit 1 head shot and 1 full length photo with your entry card and fee and BAM, you are entered.  Judges for this contest are provided a score card and I will give you a peek at that right here:

Each photo you judge may receive up to 50 points.

20 Points – Beauty (this is the contestants individual look.  Facial structure covers their general look and beauty.  Skin should include whether the skin is appropriate to the look as well as fit with the shape.  Scores here are a maximum of 10 points, 1 being least pleasing, 10 being most pleasing.)

10 Points – Facial Structure:  Your score here           <                           >
10 Points – Skin:                       Your score here           <                           >

10 Points – Styling (this section judges the contestants ability to pull together a cohesive look for a photograph.  Is the garment flattering?  Does it fit well?  Does it work for photographs?  The accessory portion includes hair, jewelry, shoes, and all other options that might be styled with a garment.  Do the chosen items contribute or detract from the look?  Scores here are a maximum of 5 points, 1 being least pleasing, 10 being most pleasing.)

5 Points – Garment Choice:  Your score here             <                           >
5 Points – Accessory Options:  Your score here        <                           >

10 Points – Composition & Artistic Direction (this section is based on the photograph itself.  Is the photograph layed out well?  Is it flattering to the model?  For artistic direction, does the scene contribute to the look of the garment chosen?  Is it cohesive?  Does the background contribute to the scene?  Scores here are a maximum of 5 points, 1 being least pleasing, 5 being most pleasing.)

5 Points – Composition:  Your score here                  <                           >
5 Points – Artistic Direction:  Your score here          <                           >

10 Points – Overall Impression (this section is your opinion of the photo at large.  Simply whether you find the photo visually appealing or not.  The Score here is a maximum of 10 points, 1 being least pleasing, 10 being most pleasing.)

10 Points – Overall Impression:  Your score here    <                           >

Yes, that really is the judges scorecard.  Once you enter, your job is done.  Simply sit back and wait for the next issue of VR Style to reveal the winner.  The VR Style Blog will feature the top 3 entries and the winner will receive a 2 page layout in VR Style Magazine as VR Style’s Face of the Month.

All of the monthly winners will automatically be entered to win VR Style’s Face of the Year 2010 at the end of this year.

Message myself, Iolejanana Chajit or Ariel Lingiuan for an information notecard and enter today for your chance to win a spread in VR Style in addition to a prize package courtesy of SL’s Top Designers!

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