My Wicked Ways…

I’ve tried hard to mend my wicked ways, but photo ideas keep popping into my little noggin!

Before anything else is said, THANK YOU JULIE FOR HUMORING ME!

The same day I styled the Coin Operated Model piece, I picked up the Bondage dress from House of Beningborough.  In the same 30 minutes that saw the doll look completed, I styled this up as well.

As is my tendency, I’ve gone with a lionskin here.  For some reason, I seem quite fond of using the dollhouse and forbidden lines, now retired, to achieve my more avant garde looks.  I love that even though they are pale skins, they retain some depth of texture so you don’t look flat or uneven.

For this look, the skin is paired with Red Queen hair.  Why?  Ohhh, because I love this hair and its not something you get to use everyday.  It seemed rather noir elegant if that makes sense at all and it flowed rather like all of the tendrils of shredded garment hanging down.  You’ll find I’m big on picking things like that and repeating them in the styling to try to give looks a flow or continuity.

The shoes are simply a strappy B&G shoe that I have used in the past with rather noir looks and had already attuned to this specific skin tone.  Since I had to style on the run with these, it was about things that were ready to go.

With this photo, the thing that gets me is that Julie (Hastings) picked up on the romanticism within the noir and used it to create an elegant image though the styling is a little more out there.  I love that she used a cascade of roses to frame the central character.  It creates something wistful and the repitition of red at the curtain draws your eye into the center of the photo.  The details in this photo are just beyond belief and I can’t help but feel that I owe Julie yet another big thank you!

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