Coin Operated Model


Thanks to SL ModelCase for choosing this photo as their photo of the week for April 10-17th!!!

This one was a whim if I’m being honest.  I’m walking around aimlessly in the House of Beningborough and each garment in there inspires me to do this or that.  A few mental images of how it could go as far as artistic direction pop through my head.  In real world fashion, the broken down doll poses used in print work are some of my faves.

Those poses inspired this exaggerated broken down doll look.  The Flounce dress from Beningborough was chosen not just because of its ability to be interpreted as a doll-type fluffy dress but for the startling bright texture detailing. 

Hair from Curious Kitties in a very doll-like bubble flip was chosen and, when used with their nanotech hud, can easily be changed in color to give the look of faded yarn doll hair.  A skin from Lionskins now retired dollhouse line gives Viola that porcelain complexion so favored by the doll set with a little boost of edge at the lips and eyes.

I opted to leave her shoeless for this one because so often doll shoes, especially mules tend to fall right off and plop onto the floor, into cracks and crevices or just in general get lost in the various piles of doll paraphernalia as they are being dressed and trotted around.

The fun part of this venture was that, as I was walking through Beningborough and chose the dress, the idea pops into my head full blown and ready to rock.  I message the ever tolerant of my oddities, Julie Hastings, and go ‘hey Julie, you up for a little fun today?!’  As you can see, she was.  30 minutes or less later, the look was completely styled and I was on a pose stand.

Once a look is styled it is all up to the photographer.  Julie really rose to the challenge for me on this one and made my random act of styling into a striking image.

Thanks Julie!  And thank you Jennaa for liking our photo enough to spotlight it!

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